• High & Low Game Fencing
  • Exotic Live Trapping 
  • Exotic Live Sale
  • Wildlife Transport
  • Exotic & Whitetail Breeding
  • Pipe Cementing 
  • Pipe Painting

Fence Pricing

Labor: $2.50 - $4.00

Turn Key: $5.00 - $5.50


TK Services is located in Texas but provides services throughout the US. No job is too big or too far away. 

Exotic Live Trapping

We specializ in trapping & relocation of exotics, deer and hogs. Whether your in the need of depopulation or eradication we can accommodate your needs. 

We give the customer the ability to watch live feed cameras at any given time and to also be able to make the call on closing the bases on the game inside. 

Contact Info


  • (918)960-1777 ~ Ty Jochmans 
  • (940)631-1951 ~ Cody Beasely